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Adidas Originals held an event at SKYE Lounge BGC with special guest DJ Neil Armstrong last May 12. Check out my page for photos.

Video by Astron

  05/30/12 at 11:19am

Life Dance Cebu

Covered by Event Photographer Society - Cebu
Video by Ben Tiu

Went to this event last Saturday to shoot.
Will post photos soon. 

  05/29/12 at 06:55pm


  04/03/12 at 12:05pm


Year Produced : 2012

Client: The Bridge Files
Event: Platform 2012

Production House: Captured Manila
Camera: Adoborat, Rocky Ko

Post Production: CapturedMNL
Editor: Rocky Ko, Adoborat

  04/03/12 at 11:42am

THE: Something Samting ›


Something Samting

a One-Rat Show by Aliver ‘Adoborat’ Cedillo (Photo Exhibit and Tshirt release)

and The Blast Collective launch in Manila!

at The Clothing, Unit 4A, Cubao Expo. 6pm, Saturday, April 14, 2012. Attend.

Plus: The launch of ‘The Blast’ here in the Philippines. with DJ sets…

  04/03/12 at 11:35am

I’m Rich, Biatch


THE’s shirt release
Game of S.K.A.T.E
Highest Ollie


  02/26/12 at 03:05pm
  02/23/12 at 06:32pm

THE: Trasher ka 'tol? ›


A common title for a skater is a trasher. Word? Yeah we know thats just stereotyping right. But thats just how most people think when they see a skaterboarder pushing his/her deck, or cruising along the curves or making flip tricks on any flat surface they can land on. Even they they just see…

  02/23/12 at 06:20pm

Im Rich Bitch. February 25, 2012. Saturday.
At THE Clothing, Unit 4A, Cubao Expo.
Registration: 6pm to 8pm only
Skate sesh starts 8:30pm sharp!
Then the video premiere of Chaiyo by Calle and Preduce.

  02/23/12 at 04:50pm

Wordplay + Lazy Saturday [February]


I’m really, really happy that the Wordplay community’s growing! :)
Here’s what you missed..

  02/23/12 at 04:48pm
  01/25/12 at 01:10pm

UNSCHLD x adoborat

The Beatrice tee

Ronac Art Center

  10/23/11 at 10:01pm


  10/23/11 at 07:50pm


It’s a Rat! Adoborat!

been going through old film rolls lately. Deciding whether I should flood my tumblr or not. Maybe.

  10/11/11 at 07:25pm


FALL 2011


"There is a certain place where gentlemen gather to find solace in a perverse sort of nurturing only a woman can provide. Not only a gentlemen’s club but a rebel’s sanctuary, where fantasies of the female form run rampant. Such an environment lays the foundation for an intangible bond between men of scars and stripes.
This ‘Brotherhood,’ if you will, exists only in namesake and lends itself to a mutual understanding among Gentlemen, Philosophers, Perverts and Rebels alike. Despite fundamental differences, there is a commonality between them that transcends titles. Those that realize and understand this ultimately initiate themselves into this community and become a part of a Gentlemen’s Club of a much more noble meaning.
This collection is dedicated to the men that reside within this system of reasoning and respect. For those, though, who have yet to join our ranks, let this be your invitation and welcome to the Gentlemen’s Club.”

Direct Download from Site: http://gppr.us/downloads/fall11.zip

WEB LINK TO COLLECTION: http://gppr.us/fall2011.html

  10/08/11 at 05:42pm